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Basic Introduction
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About UTC
U-talc corporation is a global producer and supplier of innovative inorganic powder, especially in the world leading position of the production, research and development of white talc. We can supply the best quality innovative inorganic filler materials in this industry, particularly suitable for automotive modified plastics, household appliances modified plastics, special modified polymer materials, alloy materials, and also can be used in paints, coatings, rubber, ceramics, cables, paper making, etc.

Achieve Your Design Goals
Our team do our best to fully understand customer's application requirements and make sure that it can create value for customers, and the products of customers have distinctive materials solution. We are devoted to help customers around the world to achieve outstanding design goals. 
The research and development of u-talc have the support of strategic alliances with the leading suppliers of polymer, it can ensure that the customers of u-talc acquire its corresponding inorganic powder that complies with its uses. If its need to use products that outside of the standard products of u-talc to support customer's design ideas, the development team of first-class technology can also customize the talc of optimal performance and value for customers.

The First-class Research and Revelopment in The World
Our research and development team has made a breakthrough in this material and expanded the application range of high-grade talc. The latest is a kind of innovation talc product of the HYT series that are based on the nano class ultra-fine powder and reduce its volume density by compaction, it can be widely used in various types of polymers and composite polymer materials.

Environmental Policies of UTC   
U-talc corporation insist and continuously improve the principle of quality and environmental management system to meet the needs of customers. The quality and environmental management system are throughout all the institution of the company, and specifies that it should continuously improve these following aspects: 
*Product consistencies
UTC (U-TALC) are devoted to the prevention of pollution, furthest minimize the environmental impact from our products and activities, and comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We encourage our employees to save resources, 

Global Partners and Supports
No matter in Asia, Europe or North-America, we can provide you with materials and supports of application development all and make the project achieve success.

Please contact us and let distinctive products of u-talc to serve you.